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“Whether you want to walk a 5K or run a marathon, Coach Carol Frazey has the expertise, perspective and inspiration to help you cross the finish line with a smile on your face.”

Dimity Davis McDowell, editorial director and author, Another Mother Runner

"My work life, my family life, my athletic goals, and my aspirations for the future have improved as a result of being in Carol's Fit School classes, and I enthusiastically recommend the program to all of my friends"

− Laura Norton

"When I started Carol's class 1 year ago, I could not run 1 mile without stopping. I've since shaved 2:20 off my mile pace, run 211 times, 158 hours, for 682 miles. The number of runs are statistically even across track/road/trail, but there are notably more trail miles...and zero miles on the treadmill...In short, I run farther, faster, and more consistent than I did when I started Fit School a year ago. I've met some amazing women along this journey, and have learned so much from each of you. But I want to particularly thank you for keeping me accountable, for making me laugh, for wise counsel, and for making the miles rolling by a little more joyful. I am grateful for you."

− April Eaton

"I love Fit School! For the past 3 years I have been training for one marathon or another and my training had hit a hard plateau. I was stuck at the same pace and needed to breathe some life back into my training routine. Carol's class did exactly that! She taught me new exercises and challenged me to take my running to the next level. She helped me find the confidence that I had lost. I would strongly recommend Carol's class to anyone interested in establishing a consistent running or walking routine."

− Patrice Valentine

"Carol is a wonderful coach, positive and inviting. I really enjoyed the group dynamic and found myself looking forward to the conversation. I even left a couple of the sessions with a "runner's high" something I never thought I would achieve! I shaved 45 seconds off my mile in the class and it was easy to do."

− Anne-Marie Faiola

"Carol, as I got ready to start my 5 mile run today, I was thinking of how grateful I am for your guidance and encouragement. Five months ago I started your Fit School classes and today I can decide to run anytime! I was thinking how lucky I am that you've taught me to run. As I was running, I decided to walk for a bit. That is when I realized that the best gift you gave me is to be kind to myself! I no longer have that little voice in my head that beats me up if I decide to walk. I am so grateful for ALL the lessons that you taught me."

− Karen Kean