10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

This week, sit down and plan out your holiday vacation. Plan to make healthy food and time choices over the holidays.

The average adult gains weight over the holidays. With all of the excitement and stress of the holidays, family gatherings, and parties, people are likely to eat more and exercise less. How can you prevent this from happening to you and your family? Here are some tips to help lessen the stress and save your waistline.

Goal: This week, sit down for 20 minutes and plan out the next month. Plan to make healthy food and time choices over the holidays.

  1. Sit down and plan out your holiday plans on or in your calendar. What obligations do you have and what are some things you would like to do by yourself or with family and friends?
  2. On your calendar, plan a few active, fun activities.
  3. If you are buying gifts for the holidays, make a list of gifts you want to buy, and then set a goal date by which to have all shopping finished.
  4. Write down the days and times that you will exercise.
  5. From today until the end of 2016, find a time to do the 3-Minute Core Workout each day.
  6. Plan for, shop for, and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  7. Eat healthy portion sizes by using smaller plates at meals.
  8. Drink water and fat-free milk as your beverages.
  9. Eat only fruits and vegetables as snacks before dinner.
  10. Take a walk each evening to just relax and reflect on your day.

Remember to have fun and enjoy!

Your Partner in Health,

Carol Frazey, M.S.

About the Author Carol Frazey

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