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What is your BIG goal?

biggoalLast spring, Erin started Fit School.  When asked to write 3 goals for the program, she came up with one BIG goal.  Erin wanted to be able to run around the course to watch her youngest son compete at The Washington State Cross Country Championships and to still be able to breathe and enjoy.  From the photo, you can see that she joyfully led the pack of spectators and got to see her son place 2nd!

Erin’s goal was BIG enough in her heart to help her get outside to run on really hot days and really rainy, wet, cold days. It also helped her to take almost 3 1/2 minutes off of her mile time!

So, what is your BIG goal?  What do you want so much and makes your heart sing so loudly, that it will take you out the door for a walk or a run even on those not-so-perfect days?  Write this goal down, put it into your phone to show up each day, put it on her nightstand, bathroom mirror, and computer. This BIG goal will help you get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. for your morning walk or help you refocus when you are tired after a long day in the office.

What is your BIG goal?  Write it down right now.  Do 1 tiny step in the next 24 hours to make that goal happen.


breatheTake 5 minutes each day this week to breathe.  You do so much for others, so please give this tiny segment of time to yourself.

How to Breathe:

  • Set timer for 5-minutes
  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Belly breathe:  deep breaths, make your belly go out on the in-breath and in on the out-breath
  • Just sit and breathe. If your mind wanders and you notice it, just concentrate on belly breathing again.  (No rules.  No agenda.  No recording.  No guidance.  Just breathe.)
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