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Throughout my 23 years of coaching, I’ve been lucky to work with a variety of athletes from beginners to Olympians. Many people have asked, “I’ve been training so hard, how I take it to the next level?”. One skill that all successful runners practice is that they visualizing themselves succeeding every day. Because this looks like “just sitting around” and seems “a bit weird” to the average person, not many people take advantage of this key ingredient to success.

Here is how to visualize you succeeding in a race:
1. Sit in a comfortable position
2. Close your eyes
3. Take deep breaths making your belly go out when breathing in and make your belly go in when breathing out
4. Visualize yourself through each part of the race course. Feel the feelings, see the surroundings, and feel strong, quick, and light.
5. Open your eyes and get on with your day!

If you could do this a few minutes a day, you could make great leaps in your training. It is an untapped gem. So this month, start scheduling and implementing this secret training skill into your routine.

You go!

Your Partner in Health,

Carol Frazey, M.S.

P.S. To help me prepare for my races, I use Race Day Coach.  I’ve used this guided visualization for the month leading up to my best races.  Because of its link to my success, I became and affiliate. Click here to learn more!

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