Are you ready?

How would you like to wake up this holiday season feeling fit, strong, and comfortable in your own body?

If you are like most people, when the daylight hours decrease and the weather changes, it is difficult to find the motivation to get outside in the fresh air and exercise. It's raining. It's too cold. It's dark. We can find all kinds of excuses for staying warm and cozy in our own bed.

Fit School has helped over 1000 women overcome these excuses and challenges and placed them on a path to success.

When you sign up for Fit School, you make a commitment to yourself. A commitment to be fit. A commitment of health. A commitment of self-care for yourself and for those around you.

Whether you want to walk or run, in 6-weeks, you'll learn how to find your perfect pace, improve your form, and improve your fitness. The bonus is that you will be surrounded by other positive, fun, inspirational women who will cheer you on and join you in your fitness journey.

Our next Fit School Session starts Monday, October 21st, so click below and join us for a fun Fall of Fitness!

Fit School Class Times

Current Session: October 21 – December 4, 2019 (no class 11/11 and 11/27)

Monday and Wednesday

Great News! You can now sign up for any of the class times at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers.

*If classes are cancelled due to high levels of smoke in the area, you will be sent an exercise video to follow along to in the comfort of your own home. Sorry, no refunds due to "Acts of God" or "Human Error".

Class Schedule for 2019

January 7 – February 20, 2019 (no class 1/21 and 2/18)
March 4– April 17, 2019 (no class 4/1 and 4/3)
April 22 – June 3, 2019 (no class 5/27)
July 8 – August 14, 2019
September 9 – October 16, 2019
October 21 – December 4, 2019 (no class 11/11 and 11/27)

​Please join us as we work together to help you reach a new level of fitness.

Are you ready to lose weight, gain muscle, and get faster, all while having fun?! Below are a few of the workouts we will be doing to help you reach your personal fitness goals:

  • Intervals:  walking/running at a slow pace for a certain amount of time, followed by a powerwalk/run for a certain amount of time
  • Fartlek:  (Swedish for “Speed Play”) walking/running at a slow, comfortable pace for a certain distance, followed by a powerwalk/run for a certain distance
  • Time Trial:  We will be taking a baseline measurement of how fast you can walk/run for 1-mile.  We will then do a post-program 1-mile time trial.  You will be surprised of your improvement!
  • Form Work:  During our walk/run, I will help you improve your walking/running form so that you are more efficient and getting the best workout.
  • Drills:  We will do fun drills that use different muscle groups and help you gain strength.
  • Calisthenics:  Strengthening our core
  • “Kick in the Pants”:  For those who need it!

Refund Policy: 

Fit School will refund 100% of the purchased price for a class, package, or service if the refund is requested within 30 days of purchase and the client has not participated in any part of the class, package, or service. Once the client participates (attends class, receives first email, etc.) in a class, package, or service, there will be no refunds.

Fit School Annual Package
Once a payment for purchase of a Fit School Annual Package is made, there will be no refunds. Annual Packages expire at the end of the calendar year.


Classes/Training Plans/Information/Services
By signing up for any of Carol Frazey’s or Fit School, Inc.’s classes, training plans, and/or services, you hereby agree to release and discharge Carol Frazey, Fit School, Inc., its partners, sponsors, owners, employees, agents, coaches, volunteers and all others acting on your behalf, on behalf of yourself, your spouse, your children, your parents, your heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate

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