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Walking or Running Your Best – Evaluation and Guidance

  • 1 hour one-on-one consultation
  • 1-mile walk or run evaluation
  • Review of form and technique
  • Drills to improve running form
  • Core work to improve strength and form
  • 4-key stretches
  • Review of goals
  • 8-Week Individualized Training Plan
  • Email check-in to review workouts and ask questions
    Cost: $197

Walking or Running Your Best – Evaluation, Guidance, and Check-in-Workouts

Program involves everything in above package

  • 1-hour one-on-one workout session at week 8

(Total of 2 one-on-one coaching sessions)
Cost = $297


What are people saying about Coach Carol and Fit School?

Anne-Marie at finish“Carol is a wonderful coach, positive and inviting. I really enjoyed the group dynamic and found myself looking forward to the conversation. I even left a couple of the sessions with a ‘runner’s high’ something I never thought I would achieve! I shaved a full 45 seconds off my mile in the class and it was easy to do.”   –Anne-Marie Faiola


ReneLaventure“As a sixty-four year old woman, I had resigned myself to be a two mile/day walker, but I no longer saw myself as the runner I had been in my 30’s and 40’s. How pleasantly surprised I was then, when as a result of Carol Frazey’s running program, not only was I running again, (pain free!), but had completed a 5K race! As a coach, Carol is fun and positive. She is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of running and encourages us to push ourselves in a safe way…”    –Rene Laventure, Ph.D.


AprilEaton“When I started Fit School 3 year ago, I could not run 1 mile without stopping. Monday’s session marks 3 years since I started Fit School:  550 runs, 406 hours, 1821 miles , 62,685 feet elevation gain
My mile pace averages 3 minutes faster than the first class, and my pace is consistently 2 minutes faster over distance. I’ve run 35 races and placed in my age group 3 times. My furthest race distance is half marathon (3)…and Ragnar. And not one single mile on a treadmill. Thanks, Carol Frazey and all the women of Fit School.”      – April Eaton


Ragnar Miles of Smiles on race day 2015“I love Fit School!  For the past 3 years I have been training for one marathon or another and my training had hit a hard plateau.  I was stuck at the same pace and needed to breathe some life back into my training routine.  Carol’s class did exactly that!  She taught me new exercises and challenged me to take my running to the next level.  She helped me find the confidence that I had lost.  I would strongly recommend Carol’s class to anyone interested in establishing a consistent running or walking routine.”    –Patrice Valentine, President Simbus Solutions 


KarenKean“Carol, as I got ready to start my 5 mile run today, I was thinking how grateful I am for your guidance and encouragement. Five months ago I started your fit school classes and today I can decide to run anytime! I was thinking how lucky I am that you’ve taught me to run. As I was running I decided to walk for a bit. That is when I realized that the best gift you gave me is to be kind to myself! I no longer have that little voice in my head that beats me up if I decide to walk. Your class is awesome! I am so grateful for ALL the lessons that you have taught me.”     -Karen Kean


LauraNortonTrailRun“I took my first Fit School class in spring of 2012 and have taken the class several times since then. I can honestly say that working with Carol Frazey in her Fit School classes has changed my life. Although I started out as a lifelong runner who just wanted to have a more structured way to improve my running speed and lose weight, I soon found that there were so many ways in which my life was enriched through Fit School classes. First of all, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of women who are drawn to take Carol’s classes, women in their twenties through their sixties. They are interesting and varied in running speed as well as vocation, and many have inspired me through their goals, both athletic and professional.

Secondly, my mindset has changed dramatically over the past two-and-a-half years of being in Carol’s classes. Whereas before I thought of myself as just a middle-aged woman who was inevitably slowing down in all areas of life, I came to see that I was capable of so much more than I’d thought, and through Carol’s coaching and encouragement, I became more energized as I got faster and stronger and my ideas of what I was capable of in other areas of my life expanded exponentially. I lost 20 pounds, increased the number of push-ups from 4 to about 30 in a minute, dropped nearly two minutes off my mile time, ran 5Ks and Half Marathons faster than before, and ran 1,000 miles in the year leading up to my 50th birthday – all while having a great time! Carol is an encouraging, supportive coach who uses a variety of specific training techniques that keep it interesting. She provides challenge when one wants it and support when one needs it.

My confidence in myself and my abilities has increased and my joy in life has grown. It has been so much fun to hear my college-aged kids say that they are very proud of me for working hard and getting faster and healthier. They have told me that I am inspiring to them; I can’t imagine a better feeling.

My work life, my family life, my athletic goals, and my aspirations for the future have all improved as a result of being in Carol’s Fit School classes, and I enthusiastically recommend the program to all my friends.”  -Laura Norton


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