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I took my first Fit School class in spring of 2012 and have taken the class several times since then. I can honestly say that working with Carol Frazey in her Fit School classes has changed my life. Although I started out as a lifelong runner who just wanted to have a more structured way to improve my running speed and lose weight, I soon found that there were so many ways to which my life was enriched through Fit School classes. First of all, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of women who are drawn to take Carol’s classes, women in their twenties through sixties. They are interesting and varied in running speed as well as vocation, and many have inspired me through their goals, both athletic and professional.

Secondly, my mindset has changed dramatically over the past two-and-a-half years of being in Carol’s classes. 

Whereas before I thought of myself as just a middle-aged woman who was inevitably slowing down in all areas of life, I came to see that I was capable of so much more than I thought, and through Carol’s coaching and encouragement, I became more energized as a I got faster and stronger and my ideas of what I was capable of in other areas of my life expanded exponentially.  I lost 20 pounds, increased the number of push-ups from 4 to 30 in a minute, dropped nearly two minutes off my mile time, ran 5Ks and Half Marathons faster than before, and ran 1,000 miles in the year leading up to my 50th birthday – all while having a great time!  Carol is an encouraging, supportive coach who uses a variety of specific training techniques that keep it interesting.  She provides challenge when one wants it and support when one needs it.

My confidence in myself and my abilities has increased and my joy in life has grown. It has been so much fun to hear my college-aged kids say that they are very proud of me for working hard and getting faster and healthier. They have told me that I am inspiring to them; I can’t imagine a better feeling.

My work life, my family life, my athletic goals, and my aspirations for the future have improved as a result of being in Carol’s Fit School classes, and I enthusiastically recommend the program to all of my friends.

When I started Carol’s class 1 year ago, I could not run 1 mile without stopping. I’ve since shaved 2:20 off my mile pace, run 211 times, 158 hours, for 682 miles. The number of runs are statistically even across track/road/trail, but there are notably more trail miles…and zero miles on the treadmill. Hottest run was 75F, coldest 17F, and calories burned are approximately 100,638. I’ve run 15 organized races, 5K to half marathon, in 3 Washington counties, and in 2 countries. Oh, and I lost 30lbs while doing so.

In short, I run farther, faster, and more consistent than I did when I started Fit School a year ago. I’ve met some amazing women along this journey, and have learned so much from each of you. But I want to particularly thank you for keeping me accountable, for making me laugh, for wise counsel, and for making the miles rolling by a little more joyful. I am grateful for you.

April Eaton | Blaine, WA

I love Fit School! For the past 3 years I have been training for one marathon or another and my training had hit a hard plateau. I was stuck at the same pace and needed to breathe some life back into my training routine. Carol’s class did exactly that! She taught me new exercises and challenged me to take my running to the next level. She helped me find the confidence that I had lost. I would strongly recommend Carol’s class to anyone interested in establishing a consistent running or walking routine.


Carol is a wonderful coach, positive and inviting. I really enjoyed the group dynamic and found myself looking forward to the conversation. I even left a couple of the sessions with a “runner’s high” something I never thought I would achieve! I shaved 45 seconds off my mile in the class and it was easy to do.

Anne-Marie Faiola |  CEO

Carol, as I got ready to start my 5 mile run today, I was thinking of how grateful I am for your guidance and encouragement. Five months ago I started your Fit School classes and today I can decide to run anytime! I was thinking how lucky I am that you’ve taught me to run. As I was running, I decided to walk for a bit. That is when I realized that the best gift you gave me is to be kind to myself! I no longer have that little voice in my head that beats me up if I decide to walk. I am so grateful for ALL the lessons that you taught me.

Karen K. | Ferndale, WA

As a sixty-four year old woman, I had resigned myself to be a two mile/day walker, but I no longer saw myself as the runner I had been in my 30’s and 40’s. How pleasantly surprised I was then, when as a result of Carol Frazey’s Fit School for Women Walking or Running Program, not only was I running again, (pain free!), but had completed a 5K race! As a coach, Carol creates a fun, positive, and safe class. She is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of running, encourages us to push ourselves in a safe way, and creates a fun and positive group atmosphere. 

Despite our different levels of walking/running, the women in the class have a shared goal of having fun, enjoying each other’s company, and challenging ourselves to do our best. I highly recommend the class to any woman who may want a group to walk/run with or to someone who wants to increase her fitness and speed.

Rene Laventure, Ph.D. | Bellingham, WA

Today I ran a personal best mile at 7:41 – cutting over a minute in just 6 weeks thanks to Carol Frazey and The Fit School for Women! My pacing partner, Laura, was an amazing inspiration too. Join us for the next session!

Cathy Lehman | Former Bellingham City Councilperson

I started Fit School in October 2016, after moving to Bellingham from Flagstaff, Arizona, to be closer to family. I was 20+ pounds overweight and struggling with very sneaky post-menopausal weight gain. I’d signed up for the Bellingham Bay 5K (part of the Bellingham Bay marathon festivities in September) before moving here. It was when I picked up my race packet at the expo the day before the race that I spotted The Fit School booth and met the owner and coach, Carol Frazey. Hmm, I thought, this could be the ticket to improving my running, which I couldn’t seem to achieve on my own. I started a month later.
Maybe it’s the way that Carol sees the potential in all of us, regardless of size, shape or running ability. Perhaps it’s the can-do attitude and camaraderie that comes from training with women – rain (lots of rain!) or shine – who share goals of aging well, getting fitter and enjoying the great Bellingham outdoors.

Whatever it is, being a part of Fit School has exceeded my expectations. Being held accountable by Carol in her friendly, nonjudgmental way, has enabled me to improve my mile pace from 17:48 (October 2016) to 12:07 (March 2017). My pace gradually continues to improve, as does my endurance. Six months into Fit School, I’m sleeping better, losing weight, getting stronger, and am a more consistent runner. Call it tribal, but age is just a number with this group, something pretty amazing in this day and age.

Freddi Steele | Bellingham, WA

Running has been a part of my life for more than 15 years. I love it but  have always just done it on my own without any guidance. Being part of Fit School has helped me to realize I still have a lot of growing to do in this area of life! It has been a breath of fresh air in my running routine – as if getting to know an old friend again for the first time. Carol is the perfect coach to help with this. She is supportive and fun but also pushes you to bring your best forward. For the first time in a long time I feel my running progressing and I’m enjoying it even more because of it. I would highly recommend Fit School to people just starting out in running, but also to those who have run for awhile and are ready to fall in love with it again.

I’m not a “joiner” and seldom participate in group activities. Yet I keep coming back to Carol’s class for the fun, laughs and encouragement she gives.

Silvana Clark | 

I kept seeing the Fit School flier around town and I kept telling myself  “someday…” Finally in the fall of 2015 I got up the nerve to call Carol. I was really nervous! At the time I was struggling to run 2 miles and even that was inconsistent. Carol assured me there were women of all levels and everyone was welcome. I’m glad I joined because Fit School got me into a fitness routine. I love how I feel going to work after an early morning run. Most of all I love meeting smart, successful and kind women at Fit School. There is never a time I don’t have someone to run with. We encourage each other on days we’re not with Carol, but she really is your biggest cheerleader. She is the best person to motivate you at 5:50am!

Aly Horry | Bellingham, WA

Fit School and Carol Frazel have impacted my outlook on my mental and physical health. Fit School’s philosophy of working on your own pace and goals, not someone else’s ideals, encourage me to feel pride in my progress. Carol’s classes foster support, companionship, and unity among women of all shapes and abilities. Un grand merci à Fit School!

Catherine Ousselin | World Language Laboratory

I began participating in Carol Frazey’s Fit School at age 65 last September. At that time I could not run/jog even one lap (1/4 mile) around the track. No one minded that I didn’t keep up as my goal was just to keep moving and enjoy myself, which I did. It was so great to be with women of all ages and shapes and feel no pressure to meet someone else’s expectations or demands, but simply to challenge myself.

What I did not know at that time was I would start to challenge myself in new ways. My body is a road map of MANY injuries, including torn ligaments in each knee, being hit by a drunk driver on my bicycle resulting in some permanent damage to the left side of my body, and some more severe. I just kept attending Fit School and continued to enjoy my time, even in the extreme cold weather this past winter.

Now I have completed two 5k (3.1 miles) races and have been able to run the distance without stopping — what exhilaration I experienced at doing this! I am so reluctant to miss class for any reason and it is special “me time” that is so fulfilling. Fit School and Carol Frazey create an affirmative and constructive time for me. I went into Fit School to enjoy myself and keep moving but with Carol’s gentle but focused guidance it has become a great deal more.

Melissa Marteny |Bellingham, WA

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