The Health – Habit Connection

We are all creatures of habit. We get out of bed, brush our teeth, drive to work, eat our meals, and even dress ourselves the same way each day. We also have certain foods we eat each day. Sometimes these foods or beverages are “linked” with certain times of day (like a coffee at noon), other foods or beverages (like always having a doughnut with your coffee), or with an activity (like eating something salty while you watch TV). When we try to change these habits, we sometimes become uncomfortable and maybe even a little irritable. This discomfort will last a few days or until a new habit is formed. The hard part is getting through that first week or so of discomfort. But as speaker Michael Neill says, “You can do hard”.

Pay attention to your eating habits this week, and make one small change to healthier living.

About the Author Carol Frazey

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